Wellness with Natalie



Human Movement Specialist

BA Honours in Biokinetics 

BSc in Human Kinetics & Ergonomics and Psychology

Pilates Instructor

BASI Comprehensive and Mat Certified


Natalie Nyikadzino

I had an active upbringing, participating in several sports throughout school and university, and experienced rehabilitation first-hand for related injuries. This sparked my interest in studying the human body and mind. I consider myself an eternal student!


With experience working in clinical, high performance and wellness contexts, I am versatile in my capacity as a human movement specialist, and I enjoy working with individuals of all ability levels.


I am passionate about helping people move and live optimally, through the attentive, holistic and evidence-based approach they deserve.

I care about building a healthier community, one individual at a time.




Strength & Conditioning




Christine Chitongo

I am really enjoying my Pilates workouts with Natalie. I look forward to every class and I am well on my way to achieving my fitness goal. Natalie is very patient making it easy to get through some of the tough sessions.

My mood has improved and I have so much energy to take me through my mostly busy and stressful days. Best decision I made this year.

Thank you Natalie :-)

Pilates group class
Pilates group class
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Pilates group class
Pilates group class
Pilates group class
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