Wellness Programs

"If you think wellness is expensive, try illness."

Wellness is a proactive and consistent pursuit of optimal health across 8 dimensions: environmental, financial, intellectual, mental/emotional, occupational, physical, social and spiritual.

A good wellness program:​

  • Is collaborative and empowering.

  • Visualizes the relationship between  your lifestyle habits and quality of life.

  • Provides meaningful feedback and considers practical solutions to start and sustain the process of modifying your lifestyle to improve your quality of life..

  • Is holistic.


Lifestyle Design 

This 8-week program starts with an assessment to get an overview of your physical function & fitness, disease risk, habits and modifiable lifestyle factors. 

The next step is goal-setting and collaborating on a customized action plan to achieve your health and fitness goals.

At the end we reassess measures, review goals and develop a realistic, longer-term plan that you are empowered to continue.